Mobile Dental Office

Mobile Dental Office

Our mobile dental office is a fully functioning dental office with two dental chairs.  We are able to do any dental procedure in our mobile office you can do in any brick and mortar office.  We stay on the cutting edge of technology and dental education to ensure that you are getting the best and most up to date products and procedures.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality dentistry available in a setting that allows us to maintain the affordability to the patient.  We are also able to provide convenience through being on location and through extended hours 8am to 6:30pm to allow for some evening after work appointments.

Mobile dentistry has been around for a while in different forms.  When I was in dental school at USC I participated in mobile dental clinics that went to schools and provided fillings  and sealants to children at schools in underprivileged areas and to assisted living facilities.  This is a very common use for mobile dentistry and programs like this are done all over the country.  Mobile dentistry is also utilized by the military and in disaster relief situations.  Most of these applications are not very high tech or high end in the dentistry they provide.  Cloud 9 Dental uses cutting edge technology including powerful practice management software to stay mostly paperless, the latest in digital x-rays to provide the lowest possible x-ray exposure, CEREC cad-cam system to make same day ultra-strong crowns and partial crowns, dental lasers for soft tissue procedures, piezo ultrasonic cleaners for teeth cleaning for the best quality cleanings, cutting edge sterilization system, among other high-tech and cutting edge systems to take mobile dentistry to the next level.  We were also one of the first operations to bring mobile dentistry to the corporate world and provide quality and convenience to corporations in the greater San Diego area.

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